Welcome to BANH Inc.


Building local foundations for a stronger community...

BANH Inc encourages community participation and learning.

BANH Inc. incorporates both Belgium Avenue Neighbourhood House & Collingwood Neighbourhood House. The organization also manages the ‘Factory’ venue space in Richmond. We are partners with Collingwood Highrise Estate Arts Committee (CHEAC) in the management of the Underground Arts Park in Collingwood. More recently we have undertaken the management of the Richmond Community Information Centre located on the Richmond Housing Estate.

Both Belgium Avenue and Collingwood Neighbourhood Houses offers a range of recreational, vocational and educational programs and activities as well as a place where people can come to make new friendships. BANH Inc  has a long history in managing community festivals and celebrations, social enterprise programs and a number of arts based projects.

BANH Inc. aims to nurture and develop a strong and mutually supportive neighbourhood by offering  friendly places to meet and by developing programs that are responsive to the needs of the local community.

Carringbush Adult Education work in partnership with BANH Inc. in the delivery of english language classes and other adult education programs at both Belgium Avenue and Collingwood Neighbourhood Houses.

Belgium Avenue & Collingwood Neighbourhood Houses & Carringbush Adult Education operates with a commitment to

  • respect, 
  • goodwill 
  • and understanding between people from all countries & cultural backgrounds.


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